Q: Are you a licensed therapist?
A: YES! I am a LMT, Aesthetician and certified Reiki Master. I also have extensive advanced training in Energy work, Life Coaching, Tantra and I am a current student in psychology. 

Q: What if I have to cancel?
A: Things happen, a simple call or text with as much advance notice will do! If it happens more than once without advanced notice, however, you will have to prepay for the session in advance.
​If you do no call no show, you will be subject to a booking fee, paid in advance upon booking your next appointment.

Q: What do I, the client wear during the Massage?
A: Dress down to your comfort level, although being as clothing free as possible is best to reach all muscle groups. I will drape you to help maintain temperature and your modesty! :)

Q: Do you see both men and women?
A: Yes, and couples too!

Q: What should I do to prepare for a Massage, it's my first time, and which session should I choose?
 A: Choose a basic session and I can customize as we go. Don't eat a heavy meal and be clean and showered before hand. No smoking or heavy scents please!

Q:Do prices include gratuity?
A: They do not. A suggested 30% added to your session is ideal for a satisfactory experience!

Q: What kind of discounts do repeat clients get? 
A: It depends on the sessions you get and how often you re book. I also offer free add on services to repeat clients, such as scrubs or perhaps a reading and a cup of tea! 

Q: What is your preferred payment method?
A: First time clients must pay with cash, and subsequent sessions I will accept Visa.

Attention Therapists and Healers:
Contact me for contracting opportunities as well as room rental options.