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Hi, my name is Chastity and I would like to thank you for taking the time to browse over my site! 
I believe that nothing comes by absolute chance. You had a reason today that you found me. It could be that you need to reduce stress with a wonderful and deeply relaxing and healing Massage. You could also be coming out of a relationship where you need healing and guidance through this hard time, which I can assist with one of my spiritual healing/talks and journey's. 
That being said, I believe that you are the creator of your own experience and with positive intention and guided direction, you can be successful at just about anything, by simply changing your thinking and energy.
Next, let me mention my Massage...
When is the last time you had a Massage where it felt more like a true connection happening with and to your body? Where you felt like the therapist was a true and gifted healer... Where you were transported into a deeper state of relaxation and comfort.. Where you left feeling like your session truly made a difference for you, in more ways than one?
Well let me just say that most every client that leaves my table, feels exactly like this. I have been told time and time again how wonderful and connected my hands feel. How they can tell that I really love touch and they are so pleased and happy with the gift that they just received. Many times, I am complimented with the words, "that was the best massage I ever had". 
This truly says a lot, and means more to me than you know!

A little bit about me and my location....

I am a licensed massage therapist since 2004 with over 6000 hours of combined training. I am also a licensed Aesthetician and Reiki Master. I am a devoted healer to the core, always have been, and community activist for the safety and well being of animals. 
I love the Arizona sun shine and being out in nature.
I have been a healer and intuitive my whole life. I was the one interpreting dreams, holding seances with my friends and interpreting their astrological charts! I was also always the group counselor, whenever someone needed an ear, I always had what they needed to hear at the time.
The path I have chosen, has definitely been one of passion, because it is part of who I am as a person. 
I believe in the law of karma, and I always do my best to do what is right by my fellow humans and all living creatures! Along with being very intuitive, I am a very open minded and compassionate woman with a purpose..To heal, nurture and help you in your healing process, whatever that may be. I am more than certain that you and I will relate on many levels and will share a wonderful and meaningful connection. My location is located in Old Town Scottsdale in a very charming and beautiful office plaza on the second floor. My studio is well appointed and clean, with everything needed to help you relax. My sessions are by appointment only and I fully respect the privacy of my clients !

Some of what I offer is...

Luxurious and indulgent Massage Therapy
Reiki/Energy Work
ZenSual Massage 
Tarot Spiritual Counseling
Relaxation Style 
Relationship/Transition Healing
Guided Meditation/Heart Healing
Tantric Massage/Education
Intuitive Healing
Tandem or Four Hand 
Mobile Massage 
Deep Tissue
Hot Stones 
Light Touch 

Massage in Scottsdale, Arizona
Let me introduce myself...

Q: Are you a licensed therapist?
A: YES! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist,  Licensed Aesthetician and certified Reiki Master. I also have extensive advanced training in Energy work, Life Coaching, Tantric Studies and Psychological Studies and Metaphysical studies.
Q: What if I have to cancel?
A: If you cancel the day of, you will need to prepay for your next booking, upon booking. If you no show, no call after confirming, you will not be able to book with me again. In certain instances, I may charge a deposit for the session, which is then applied towards your session. 

Q: What do I, the client wear during the Massage?
A: Dress down to your comfort level, although being as clothing free as possible is best to reach all muscle groups. I will drape you to help maintain temperature and your modesty! :)

Q: Do you see both men and women?
A: Yes, and couples too!

Q:Do prices include gratuity?
A: If you feel your service warrants a gratuity, it is a great compliment to me! Thank you!

Q: What is your preferred payment method?
A: Cash!

Q: Do you drape during the Massage?
A:Your modesty is always respected!

All Military with proper I.D will receive a 10% discount on all services. Thank you for your service.

Text: 480-788-6145

                                              Current Offerings:

ZenSual Massage 

Illuminate the stairway to your divine self. In this session we will seek out creative ways to help you relax and manage stress on a deeper level. I will hold the sacred space for your healing and provide the time and space to "just let go". My informal setting allows you to put your feet up and relish the time we spend in each others presence. I will create a customized massage for you based on your energetic and physical needs. I will incorporate different techniques that will assist in helping you destress.

Session includes:
Customized Massage
Scalp Massage
Light Touch w/powder 
Chakra Balance/Reiki
Relaxing foot massage with hot stones
Spiritual Reading/Meditation 


Makai Lomi Lomi

Experience pleasure with this majestic and elegant style Massage to the sounds of Hawaii! Long flowing strokes and lots of oil, is used to glide up and down the body, with under body moves that make this ultra yummy! Hot stones on the feet and legs make this ultra relaxing. The belly Massage aids in digestion and releases emotional tension. We also use a combination of Swedish and pressure points in this Massage, which makes for a great result! Light touch finish up and down the body is the ultimate relaxing technique to finish this amazing session !

Included: Guided Meditation


Tantric Massage, Journey to Bliss

Tantric Massage is a deeply somatic and spiritual practice holding great beauty, mystique and power. With calm yet firm presence the giver guides the receiver into a state wherein they can let go of all facades and explore what it is to be free, authentic and in bliss. You will leave your mind, focus on breath and sink down into your body to really FEEL and HEAL. Tantric practices are very fluid, which means they can shift and change the more sessions you experience. My intuition will guide this session, bringing forth the many modalities and practices that I have come to know and love, I am happy to share them with you in your mind/body spirit journey to healing :)


Swedish Massage

Your traditional session, great for when you just want something simple. Light to medium pressure, some compression and a little focus on getting those knots out! Includes some gentle stretching as well. 


Deeper Pressure: Add $20

Please Note:
I am Covid Vaccinated and am taking all proper steps for sanitation. Also, I work by appt. only and social distancing between you and others is in place. 

Massage and Energy Healing by Chastity 
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 Spiritual Practices


​Tarot or Angel Card Reading 
$80 per reading 

I rely on the use of tangible things such as my pendulum, cards and writing, but I also use my intuition and our conversation for guidance!
Sometimes you will get a message from source and when this happens it is a very exciting event! 
A reading can be done with a session or booked individually.